1 Dec 2011

Krishnagiri's History

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Krishnagiri is a Town & district headquarters of Krishnagiri district in Tamilnadu, India.

It is said that this area is once ruled by the King Krishnadevaraya of Vijayanagar empire, hence the town got the name “Krishnagiri”(Krishna-From the king's name and Giri means hill, Krishnagiri is surrounded by many hills).

Krishnagiri fort and the surrounding areas came under the rule of Hoysalas, Chattrapathi sivaji, Nawab of cuddapah, Wodeyars of mysore, Bijapur sultan and Aurangzeb one after the other.

Krishnagiri was ruled by Hyder ali and Tipu sultan of Mysore in the 18th century. The krishnagiri fort was under their control. In 1768 this fort came under british control for a short period of time.

But Hyder Ali retained the krishnagiri fort with him shortly after war with british. At the end of Third Anglo-Mysore war, by the Treaty of Srirangapatna in 1792 the krishnagiri fort & the surrounding areas then called as Barah mahal(Barah mahal means twelve forts, the surrounding areas has twelve forts) was surrendered to the british forever.

Krishnagiri became the headquarters of barah mahal country or area after british took over it.

Some historical places in krishnagiri district are,

  1) Krishnagiri fort(Krishnagiridurgam,Kistnagherry, Kistnaghurry)
  2) Rayakotta fort
  3) Jagadevi fort (Jagadevidurgam or Jagadevigarh or Jagdeo, Capital of Hoysala king  
  4) Kenilworth fort,Hosur
  5) Anchetty fort(Anchettidurgam)
  6) Nilagiridurgam fort(Nilagiridurg or Neeldurg,  3 miles from anchettidurg)
  7) Turnacoonda hill fort(A hill-fort between Anchettidurgam and Nilagiridurgam)
  8) Virabhadradurgam fort(Verapadurg or Varanagarh)
  9) Hudedurgam fort(Ooria Durgum) 
10) Maharajakadai fort(Maharajgarh)
11) Gaganagiri fort(Gaganagarh or periyamalai)
12) Tattakaldurgam fort
13) Warrangur hill fort
14) Other forts-Mallikarjunadurgam, Kundukote(Kundu kota konda), Ratnagiri, Kundanimalai,Ankusagiridurgam, Balakondarayandurgam, Nagamalai, Mallapadi
15) Other small forts-Hosur, Bagalur, Soolagiri
16) Sudarshangad

      I don't know the present conditions of the abovesaid  forts, Most of these now may be in ruins or doesn't exist.

Pre-historic sites:- 

  1) Mallachandiram near Krishnagiri(Megalithic burial site which is largest in Tamil Nadu)
  2) Paleolithic sites:-
       Near Barugur, Near Kappalavadi, Varatanapalli.
  3) Neolithic sites:-
      Krishnagiri taluk (Gollapalli and Togarapalli)
      Modur, Vedarthattakkal and Kolahattur
  4)Agalakottai- Denkanikottai- Memorial stone
  5)Anachandram- Hosur- cairn circle, capstone had cup marks
  6)Anandur- uthangarai-  Memorial stone
  7)Andimalai – krishnagiri- cairn circle, rock paintings
  8)Baleguli-  krishnagiri - Megaliths
  9)Bannellipudur-  krishnagiri - cairn circle
10)Bargur- krishnagiri - Neolihic, cairn circle
11)Belur- Denkanikottai- cairn circle, Memorial stone
12)Bettamugulalam- Denkanikottai- cairn circle
13)Bhastharapalli- Hosur- Dolmen
14)Bilalam- Denkanikottai- cairn circle
15)Bodammani- Denkanikottai- cairn circle
16)Enusonai- Hosur- Cairn circle
17)Gangadevanahalli- Denkanikottai- cairn circle,menhir(7ft), memorial stone
18)Gangaleri-  krishnagiri -  Dolmen,cairn circle
19)Gangavaram-  krishnagiri - cairncircle,memorial stone
20)Gidlur-  krishnagiri -  cairn circle
21)Gollapalli-  krishnagiri -  Neolithic, habitation mound, Megaliths
22)Kurubarahalli-  Hosur-  Cairn circle
23)Lakshachandram- Denkanikottai- cairn circle
24)Maharajakadai-  krishnagiri - Dolmen, Rock paintings
25)Marireddipalli-  krishnagiri - Neolithic, Habitation mound, cairn circle
26)Mariyalam- Denkanikottai- cairn circle
27)Marudepalli-  krishnagiri - Megaliths
28)Mayiladumparai-  krishnagiri -  Neolithic, Habitation mound, cairn circle, Rock paintings
29)Nataranalavam- Denkanikottai- Cairn circle, Memorial stone
30)Oblesapalli-  krishnagiri - cairn circle
31)Oddampatti- Uthangarai- Memorial stone
32)santhanapalli- Denkanikottai- cairn circle, Memorial stone
33)sappamuttulu-  krishnagiri - cairn circle
34)sembadamuthur-  krishnagiri -  cairn circle
35)sengodachennanahalli- Denkanikottai- cairn circle
36)sevvampatti-  krishnagiri -  Memorial stone
37)sikaralapalli-Hosur- cairn circle
38)sokadu- krishnagiri - Megaliths
39)soolagiri- Hosur- cairn circle, Memorial stone
40)Sulamalai-  krishnagiri - Dolmen
41)suligunta- Denkanikottai- cairn circle
42)sundekuppam-  krishnagiri - Habitation mound, Rock paintings
43)Tandarai- Denkanikottai- cairn circle, Memorial stone
44)Thadikallu- Denkanikottai- cairn circle
45)Thalapalli-  krishnagiri - Dolmen, Rock paintings 
46)Thavalam-  krishnagiri - Dolmen, Memorial stone
Rock art paintings:- 

1)  Krishnagiri taluk (Thalapalli, Oppathavadi, Oramanakunta, Myiladumparai, Mallapadi)
     Hosur taluk(Mudippinayanapalli)
     Paintings on dolmen(Mallachandram, Maharajakadai, Malththampatti, Kuruvinayanapalli, Oramanakunta)
2)  Plough Rock art paintings(Location - Melpallam of Melumalai range in ChinnaKothur 
     of  Veppanapalli  union in Krishnagiri District)
     For further information regarding this you can visit www.scribd.com and search for 
     “Plough rock  art” and download the file. 
3)  Human and bird figures painted in white colour.(Location- Krishnagiri fort, Krishnagiri).
     To view the photo of this visit the following website,

      1)  Sati stone dating back to the vijayanagar period in the premises of a shiva temple   
            in Krishnagiri.To view image for this visit the following website,
2)  Chandra sudeshwarar temple, Hosur(Built by hoysalas,12th century)
3)  Ruined jain temple, Hosur(nearly 800 year old)
4)  Bettaraya SwamyTemple,Denkanikottai 
5)  Hanuman theertham temple(10 km from uthangarai) 
6)  Rajaji  memorial,Duraipalli, Hosur
7)  Subramanya siva memorial, Pochampalli  
8)  Kundani(Capital of Hoysala king “Veera Ramanathan” , 13th Centuty AD)  
9)  Rayakota minar

Don’t miss the below Paintings and drawings of Krishnagiri.

Painting 1:-

This Painting is done by an artist Sir Alexander Allan(1764-1820) in the year 1794 shows the Krishnagiri fort
Painting 2:-

This Painting is done by an artist Justinian Gantz(1802-1862) of  Austria and it shows the “view from the governor's camp near kistnagherry”

Drawing 3:-

This drawing shows the Krishnagiri fort  is an illustration for the book “A Comprehensive History of India” by Henry Beveridge (Blackie, 1862). 

Painting 4:-

This Painting is done by an artist James Hunter and it shows an east view of the hill fort at Krishnagiri in Tamil Nadu.

Painting 5:-

This Painting is done by an artist James Hunter and it shows the hill fort at Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu.

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